Topo Designs - Duffle Bag - 42L

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The Topo Designs Duffle Bag is for you if you need to carry heaps of stuff and want a reliable, durable and awesome looking companion to lend a hand. It's truly massive with a volume of 42L and dimensions of 60 x 30cm and so well made that you can really, really fill it without any problems. It's made for the outdoors, for a week of camping from site to site, so if you're a rep, art director, photographer or somebody who carries a lot through a concrete jungle, it's got you covered. Easy.

The exterior is made of 1000d Cordura fabric and is fully lined inside. Cordura is the fabric of choice for most militaries as well as any authentic outdoor company. This is complemented by nylon pack cloth lining inside, an organising pocket, reliable YKK Zips, natural leather lash tabs to attach stuff to and a natural leather handle. The straps are reinforced seat belt material and there is a detachable shoulder strap. There are also parachute cord hook loops for extremely reliable points of attachment.

Topo Designs make all of their gear in an LEED certified building with an amazing view of the Colorado rockies. A team of outdoor enthusiasts that insists on truly durable goods which still have awesome style!

SIZE: 60 x 30cm
WEIGHT: 0.9 kg
MATERIAL: 1000d Cordura Fabric with coated nylon pack cloth and natural leather
FEATURES: Heavy Duty Seatbelt Straps / Parachute cord hook loops / Natural Leather Lash Tab / Reliable YKK Zippers / Natural Leather Handle / Inner Organising Pocket. Topo Designs' facility is fully LEED certified
SOURCE: Made in Colorado USA

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Topo Designs - Duffle Bag - 42L