TOOLS to LIVEBY - Scissors - 20cm - Black

These elegant scissors are from TOOLS to LIVEBY are simple in design and made from Japanese stainless steel with a teflon coating and a comfortable rubber handle. Each pair is etched with a branded logo and comes in a hot foiled protective sleeve.

Beautifully presented in a stylish paper cover scribed with 'The uncommon beauty in common things', they're a great addition to your desk stationery.

TOOLS to LIVEBY combines practical and aesthetic stationery to those whom enjoy life and care about the small details in daily life.
QUANTITY: 1 x pair of scissors
SIZE: 20.3cm (l) (8")
MATERIALS: Teflon-coated stainless steel, natural rubber handle, embossed logo
SOURCE: Designed in Taiwan

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Great scissors Review by Tyson
I bought these to be my daily scissors. Not for anything special, just to keep around in case I need to chop something. Whilst I happened to forget that they're 20cm long, and won't fit normally in my Hightide Field Roll pencil case, I made it work , (not by cutting a hole) and can now carry them around inside it. They're plenty sharp, and feel quite sturdy - although being made of approximately 4 all metal components, this is not exactly surprising. If you're concerned about the inserts in the handles, they pop right out - and the metal is coated beneath them, so there's no need to worry about ruining the finish. Although the price is a little steep, these aren't just crappy $5 Coles scissors, they're built and designed to last - to live by. In fact, the price is a pretty good deal, as I'm willing to bet these will far outlast any dollar store scissors. (Posted on 21/09/2017)

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