Tombow - Zoom 717 Ballpoint Pen - Blue


The Tombow Zoom 717 Ballpoint pen is a modern revision to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the legendary Zoom 707. It is extremely compact - only 11cm long and as thin as a lot of conventional pen refills - a picture of efficiency! It writes a 0.7mm line and comes with black ink. The barrel is a strong stainless steel and the tip is revealed via a twist action.

The clip and ball on the clip are extremely strong and thin. A very very compact pen - great for nurses, to have in your organiser or for those with smaller hands.

The Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in 1913 in Shinshiro-City, Japan and has a long tradition of innovation in creating design writing instruments. Ruthless efficiency and environmental standards guide Tombow as they combine appearance and practicality to create a perfect harmony.

REFILLING MECHANISM: Easily refilled with Tombo Ballpoint Pen Refill VS33

LENGTH: 140mm



MATERIALS:  Brass / Rubber ball on clip / Clip of Lacquered Steel

SOURCE: Made in Japan

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