Tombow - Zoom 535 Rollerball Pen - Silver


The Tombow Zoom 535 Silver Rollerball Pen is 'A Modern Classic' with elegant lines and form. The features you will notice in this pen are:

  • Extremely smooth aluminium body
  • Rubber Grip section and band around body
  • Tapers to a thin grip - good for people who have to 'write small'
  • Moulded from a single piece of aluminium
  • Clever hidden spring clip design
  • Packaged in tin case
  • Substantial weight and presence in hand
  • Vivid black line
  • Very strong design, thanks to Aluminium construction
  • Uses a water-based pigment ink which is safe for use on documents

The Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in 1913 in Shinshiro-City, Japan and has a long tradition of innovation in creating design writing instruments. Ruthless efficiency and environmental standards guide Tombow as they combine appearance and practicality to create a perfect harmony. 

INK COLOUR: Black REFILLING MECHANISM: Easy to refill with either a Black or Blue LP05 Tombow refill LENGTH: 14cm WEIGHT: 30g POINT SIZE: 0.7mm MATERIALS: Aluminium / Steel / Rubber SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Tombow - Zoom 535 Rollerball Pen - Silver