Tombow Reporter 4 Ballpoint Pen

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The Tombow Reporter 4 Ballpoint Pen is the ultimate compact 4-pen. A 4-Colour ballpoint pen (Black, Red, Blue, Green) which is lightweight and super high quality. The click action is really nice and the barrel design is ergonomic. A relatively thick, torpedo shape barrel of 12mm width has a moulded grip section which tapers to a 0.7mm ballpoint tip.

The clip is very, very strong and durable and opens wide to clip onto any notebook cover or pocket. A really great pen for study, work or people on the go. 

The Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in 1913 in Shinshiro-City, Japan and has a long tradition of innovation in creating design writing instruments. Ruthless efficiency and environmental standards guide Tombow as they combine appearance and practicality to create a perfect harmony.

STYLE: Ballpoint pen, click action
INK: 4-colours - Black, Blue, Red, Green
SIZE: 11.5cm length, 8g weight
TIP: 0.7mm
REFILL: Refillable with Tombow BR-CS2
MATERIALS: Plastic casing
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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