Tombow - Recycled Colour Pencils - 24 Pack


The Tombow Recycled Colour Pencils come packaged in a beautiful tin case which is decorated with Japanese characters and text. The inside of the lid details all of the colours in the set in both English and Japanese. The pencils are of extremely high quality and are great for artists, students, kids and doodlers.

The recycled colour pencils are made from salvaged pieces of damaged wood which are joined together using the 'finger joint' technique to create a solid, strong piece of timber from broken shards and waste. Endearing to look at and even to smell, the recycled colour pencils are a great combination of technology and design.

COLOUR: 24 Colours - Yellow Ochre / Brown / Vandyke Brown / Black / Yellow Green / Green / Deep Green / Blue / Ultramarine / Light Blue / Grey / White / Pink / Light Orange / Yellow / Chrome Yellow / Orange / Vermilion / Red / Magenta / Violet / Purple / Silver / Gold SUITS: Artists, students, kids, doodlers MATERIALS: Salvaged Timber, recycled into new pieces. SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Tombow - Recycled Colour Pencils - 24 Pack