Tombow - Mono-One Eraser - Short

A handy little eraser for your desk or pencil case! 

Tombow's MONO-One short eraser is refillable, retractable and PVC-free. The twist-action retract mechanism and soft rubber grip make this eraser simple to use. 

Founded in 1913 in Shinshiro, Japan, Tombow Pencil Co. has a long tradition of manufacturing innovative writing instruments. Quintessentially Japanese in their design, Tombow products are simple, efficient, and made with the strictest environmental standards. Tombow, guided by principles of beauty, ergonomics and technical perfection, are world-renowned for their quality and aesthetic simplicity. 
QUANTITY: 1 x mini-eraser
DIMENSIONS: 6.7mm in diameter, 75mm long
FEATURES: Retractable, refillable 
SUITS: Artists, students, drafting, design
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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