Tombow - Airpress Ballpoint Pen - Blue


The Tombow Airpress Ballpoint Pen is an extremely clever piece of technology - compact, high quality and ever useful. The Airpress Ballpoint Pen features a patented technology that pressurises the inside of the barrel and refill. This allows the Airpress to write upside down or on wet paper and there are no stains, leaks or splotches!

The pen is very compact - less than 12cm long - and has a matt rubberised barrel and grip - great for comfort and easy holding. The push button mechanism is substantial and the metal clip is extremely strong - opening very very wide to clip on any book or pocket. A great pen to use for work, study or to carry with you at all times.

The Tombow Pencil Co. was founded in 1913 in Shinshiro-City, Japan and has a long tradition of innovation in creating design writing instruments. Ruthless efficiency and environmental standards guide Tombow as they combine appearance and practicality to create a perfect harmony.

REFILLING MECHANISM: Tombow BR-SF LENGTH: 11.8cm WEIGHT: 8g POINT SIZE: 0.7mm MATERIALS:  Plastic / Rubber SOURCE: Made in Japan

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