Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Humans are not always rational creatures, but understanding irrationality and rationality and how to avoid making huge mistakes when thinking will help any person enjoy better control over their thoughts. This readable book is designed to allow readers to identify strategies that they can use to outwit their mind when it is working against them.

The mind is constantly working, and only the people who take the time to understand their mind and how to control it, will gain the best use of their brain. This means that people need to understand not only how to make decisions, but also how to ensure that they are the right ones.

In this book, Kahneman shares knowledge that will help readers learn how to change the way that they think, take control of their thoughts and learn how they affect their day, and better interact with others and themselves. This allows for better decision making at work, at home, and with friends and family.

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ISBN: 9780141033570

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