Papier d'Armenie

Papier d'Armenie - Scented Paper Booklet - Traditional - 36 Sheets

SKU: PD-Booklet_Traditional
The French certainly know how to create everlasting scents, and these ancient Papier D'Armenie Incense papers are a prime example of how a single paper can ignite the senses. 

The Papier D'Armenie scented strips of paper have been around since 1885, used to quickly & naturally deodorize a room, freshen the air, or scent a drawer. It is great for your home if you have pets too. The primary scent comes from Benzoin a resin from Armenia with other notes of amber & vanilla. 

This powerful paper burns in 2mins with a fragrance that fills & freshens the air. The booklet contains 36 strips. A highly recommended product for any home! Available in 3 scents.
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