Rhodia - Pad #12 - (9x12cm) - Squared - Orange

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The famous grid-ruled Rhodia Pads are much-loved fountain-pen writing pads and design notebooks. Immaculately designed, square-ruled Rhodia pads are everyday tools that provide trustworthy quality. The pocket notepad is perfect for taking with you everywhere.

Durable and completely user friendly, the iconic Rhodia Bloc Pad has a scored cover which neatly folds over the top of the pad. Sturdy, coated-board backing and high-quality paper make Rhodia pads easy to use on a desk or in your hands.

The orange pads are staple-bound, made of acid-free white vellum paper, and every page is perforated for easy removal.

PAGES: 160 pages (80 sheets), 80g extra-white paper (acid-free)

STYLE: Top staple bound (reinforced staples for extra strength)

EXTRAS: Micro-perforated pages on top for easy removal

SIZE: 9cm x 12cm

COVER: Orange cardboard cover (top bound)

MATERIAL SOURCE: Paper made from sustainable forests. Made in France

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Great pad - Not quite pocket sized Review by Tyson
I bought one of these to leave in my shirt pocket, for on-the-spot notetaking 'don't forget to buy eggs', 'refill your pen', 'don't be too awkward', that kind of thing. Whilst, technically, it fits in my pocket, the pen-slip I bought to use with it, does not, when attached to the notepad. In fact, I find it hard to fit anything else in the pocket while this is in there, which makes it hard to take on-the-spot notes, as I can barely keep a pen with it. Whilst, admittedly, this is my fault, and I should have bought a #11 pad, the actual quality of these is great. If you don't already know, they come with 3 creases in the cover, so you can fold it cleanly over the top of the pad. The perforations make it easy to remove a sheet - either to tape to something, or to give to a friend, and they tear dead straight. The paper's great to write on, and besides not fitting in my pocket all too well, these are great - probably not big enough to leave on your desk though. I can imagine that if you travel with a briefcase or shoulder bag, however, this would be the perfect size to leave in there, with a pen. As much as I wish I bougt a smaller size, they're still great notepads, and you can expect nothing less from Rhodia. (Posted on 21/09/2017)

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