Lisa Stephenson - Read Me First: Before You Write the Next Chapter In the Story of You

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Have you ever heard someone say, 'If only life came with a set of instructions'? Success coach, Lisa Stephenson has - hundreds of times. Almost every client who walks through her door utters this at some point. Read Me First is the book she now gives them.

It is also the book she wishes someone had given her when she found herself suddenly single with three young children, and needed a new plan. 

"Life is awesome, then it's hard, then it's awesome again," says Lisa. "When you get to a difficult stage - in your personal or professional life life - then this book is essential reading before you set out to write the next chapter in the story of YOU." 

Read Me First will challenge your thinking then provide a structured way to reflect and take action. You'll find quotes for inspiration and questions to ask yourself and if you do the work on you, you will grow, you will change, and you will succeed. When you change, so does the world around you. That is Lisa's promise. 

This book alone will NOT change your life, but YOU can. 

In Read Me First, readers will learn:

Where you are now and where you want to be
Practical strategies for creating a successful life
Thought-provokers to redesign your life
Life ‘must-haves’ for an emotionally healthy you
Ways to build momentum for your next chapter
Uplifting, practical and filled with personality, Read Me First empowers readers with the tools they need to coach themselves to a successful future. 

Lisa Stephenson is a global speaker, success coach, facilitator, MC and CEO of a global, Australian-based consulting firm. Over her career, she has developed and managed a number of high-profile programs for clients that have propelled individual performance, while also transforming corporate culture. She has inspired hundreds of people to write their own story – to not let anyone else do it for them. Working with some of the biggest global names, CEOs, elite athletes and entrepreneurs has seen Lisa and her team travel all over from Asia to America. As a coach, she looks beyond the obvious, by asking the right questions (and the hard questions) at the right time. She makes the connections, challenges beliefs and turns ideas into doable action. In this book, Lisa will challenge and inspire you, all the while holding you accountable for going after what you need and want.
QUANTITY: 1 x book
SIZE: 14 x 21cm
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: Major St Publishing
ISBN: 9780648238768

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