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This attractive pen is perfect for art drawings and for calligraphy, as users can easily change and adjust their strokes by simply adding or decreasing the pressure that they use when writing. The smooth black ink is water based and highly pigmented, which means that it is a true black and doesn't look faded.

A soft tip adds additional flexibility to writing and drawing, which is why this pen is so popular. The pen tip moves easily across the paper and doesn't provide a lot of resistance. Even though it is a soft tip, it is still durable enough to stand up to regular use without dulling or fraying.

The durable barrel is made from recycled polypropylene plastic and isn't refillable. Thanks to how sturdy the barrel is, however, users can easily control and move the pen without worrying about it breaking or bending. The pen is odourless and works best when used on a non textured paper that is smooth enough to allow for the pen to glide over the surface.