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Going zero waste has never been easier or more stylish than it is now, thanks to these attractive and easy to use beeswax wraps. Designed to keep food fresh and prevent spoiling, thanks to their antimicrobial powers, these wraps can be used over and over for about a year before they will need to be replaced.

There is both a small and a medium wrap in this two pack. The small is 17.5 cm square, and the medium is 28 cm square. All of the available designs are fun and sure to brighten up a kitchen.

Thanks to the warmth of your hands, these wraps form easily around food, allowing you to wrap sandwiches, cheese, meats, covered dishes, and more with ease. They wash easily, removing any residue from foods and ensuring that they don't retain any odours or flavours. Thanks to how quickly they wipe down, it's easy to use them over and over without worrying about the environmental impact of plastic wrap.