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Relax your mind and spend some time with beautiful colours courtesy of Stress Less Paint-By-Number Mandalas. Including everything you need for a soothing painting experience, from 30 mandala designs to the paints and brushes you need to decorate them, this beautiful kit offers hours of calming creative expression.

Mandalas (from the Sanskrit word for "circle") are richly symbolic, drawn from centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist practices. Created as a spiritual focus by monks trained for years in the art, the making of a mandala is a sacred and meditative ritual as an exploration of their faith's teachings. The symmetrical pattern of a mandala is naturally soothing, and the act of bringing one to life in full, vibrant colour is a rewarding, relaxing experience. Stress Less Paint-By-Number Mandalas makes it easy to experience that quiet joy, offering custom-made mandala designs and a beautiful palette of colours to help you create gorgeous designs that you'll want to hang on your wall.