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This A4-size undated weekly desk planner features 50 tear-off sheets to map out your week. Every sheet has space to write the 'week of' date, a column for every weekday, one column for the weekend, and space for extra notes. It's the perfect size to keep on your desk and see your week at a glance.

Horror vacui – Latin for the ‘fear of empty spaces’ – describes the desire in art, but above all in painting, to fill all empty spaces with images or details. Whenever Mrs. Redfries sees a piece of blank paper, it’s bye-bye good mood and hello unsettling feeling — a gaping feeling of absolutely emptiness, the horror of the void.

Now whenever Mrs. Redfries comes across a blank piece of paper, Mr. Redfries is quick to act, plopping her down in front a huge selection of colours. And soon, the nasty voids give way to small works of art and the horror vacui is successfully conquered once more. And thus the colourful redfries range was created!

Founded in Germany in