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Perfect for all types of crafts, this writer pen is a great option for writing on photos and masking tape. The high-quality oil based ink comes out smoothly and easily from the pen, which is great for making swooping and swirling lines. Additionally, the ink won't smear, which is why so many creatives love this pen.

Black ink is incredibly useful in a myriad of situations, which is why this pen is so popular. The rich black of the ink is pure and deep and never looks watered-down or grey. It's a bold, daring, and solid colour.

The bright orange body and cap of the pen make it easy to find it in a busy drawer, and the cap snaps firmly on and off the pen to prevent the ink from drying out. The 0.5mm tip is perfect for fine lettering and for drawing with lots of detail, making this a great choice for professionals.