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Meet the Original - the founding member of OSTRICHPILLOW's family of unique travel pillows! The Original OSTRICHPILLOW is a revolutionary napping product designed to create an immersive relaxation experience, and is the ultimate immersive pillow - use it for a power nap at your desk, lounging at home, travelling, or wherever you may be, without moving an inch. Its large opening allows you to easily pull it over your head, and the additional openings, one for breathing and two for cuddling your hands, create a feeling of complete comfort.

To take a break from your hectic schedule, simply slip into this soft cocoon and let the noise, light, and worries of the outside world fade away. The Original is made using a soft high-quality combination of viscose and elastomer, together with a next-generation coated microbead filling, which creates a perfect partnership to help you to drift calmly into relaxation mode.

Dreams Happen Anywhere - at OSTRICHPILLOW, there is a big belief t