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Take a load off and share in the full-body relaxation of Okay Lady’s She Chills puzzle.

Featuring a design by artist Jessica Meyrick, She Chills lives up to its name in every brushstroke. The combination of cool, calming colours and the expressive, shoes-off-hair-down body language of the central figure makes this puzzle a perfect companion to help you unwind after a long day (or week).

Okay Lady puzzles are a much-needed oasis of calm, where you can let your brain focus on the slow pace and tender illustrations instead of a screen to help you recover from a long day. Presented in a stunning cylinder printed with a matching design, the 400 puzzle pieces sit inside a reusable drawstring cotton bag that makes opening an Okay Lady puzzle a wonderful moment all on its own. Whether you’re sending it as a gift or treating yourself, the relaxing experience starts the minute the box opens. And if a bit gets lost, Okay Lady will happily send you the missing piece you need!