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This isn’t inspirational. This won’t kickstart your creativity, or tell you to Live Laugh Love, or deliver wisdom to be shared on your Instagram Story – it’s just a notebook. It’s the Not A Self-Help Quote Notebook by Octagon.

And it’s a damned good notebook at that. Inside its 100% recycled card cover is a versatile space that you can use however and wherever inspiration strikes, with dot grid pages that offer structure where you need it and a sense of freedom when you’re breaking down boundaries. Whether you’re writing prose, composing epic poetry, sketching soon-to-be-iconic character designs or just channeling your thoughts directly onto the page, the Not A Self-Help Quote Notebook is ready to take down even the most out-there moment of inspiration with a gentle touch of self-deprecation.

Barcelona design house Octagon take pleasure in neat, simple shapes to create beautiful and useful objects with their innovative approach to stationery, notebooks, calendars and more