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Keep your gear together on the go with the efficient and sophisticated Stow Organiser Pouch from Native Union. With quick-access pockets for essentials like your phone or passport, and neatly-arranged spaces inside to organise your chargers and other important accessories, this pouch is a compact, stylish way to stay organised when you're traveling.

In the pocket

With precision-engineered storage inside, the Stow Organiser Pouch keeps your messy cables, chargers, keys and more right where you need them, tidy and tangle-free. Stretchable pockets and elastic straps make it easy to grab what you need, so you don't have to fumble through your bag to find that critical cable.

Organised Everywhere
At 6cm thick and a lightweight 170g, the Stow Organiser Pouch is a tidy, highly-portable home for all your fiddly accessories. It's a carry-on lifesaver, whether you pop it in your bag or use it to keep all your travel essentials i