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Moleskine's exciting new release pairs a smart pen, app and a specially designed Moleskine Paper Tablet notebook to instantly digitise notes and sketches made on paper. Simple to use, you can turn your handwriting into text and your images into digital files.

The Smart Writing Set Ellipse contains the Pen+ Ellipse smart pen and a Large Ruled Paper Tablet with special Ncoded paper. Together with the Moleskine Notes App, these smart tools allow your handwritten notes and thoughts to travel off the page and evolve on screen in real time. Simply write on the pages of the Paper Tablet with the Pen+ Ellipse for instantly-digitised notes that can be edited, transcribed, organised and shared on your device of choice. The Pen+ Ellipse clips to the cover of the Paper Tablet, so you are always ready to jot down key points in a meeting, project brainstorming ideas, to-do lists, and whatever else fill the pages of your notebook.

The Smart Writing Set Ellipse makes an inst