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Enjoy the feeling of traditional pen-on-paper writing, plus all the convenience of digital sharing and backups, with Moleskine’s Smart Paper Tablet.

Working with the Moleskine Pen+, the Smart Paper Tablet captures your hand-written notes, drawings, and everything else you could put on paper, then sends your work to your phone or tablet in real time for instant editing, sharing and more. Collaborate with far-flung colleagues or send a thoughtful handwritten message to a loved one in moments with the analogue-meets-digital power of the Smart Paper Tablet.

The Smart Paper Tablet features luscious 100gsm paper for a tactile writing experience, with rounded tablet edges and classic hard cover that channels the time-tested Moleskine notebook feel. With a large, unruled surface, the work you can do with the Smart Paper Tablet is limited only by your imagination!

NOTE: this Tablet works with the Moleskine Pen+ only

Moleskine was created in 1997, bringing back to lif