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Take your productivity to new heights with the organisational savvy of Moleskine’s Professional Soft Cover Notebook. Perfect for anyone who wants to manage a project with precision and care, from a product launch or a family holiday, the Professional Notebook makes for effective, efficient planning.

The Professional Notebook brings a structure to your planning that’ll have you focusing on the key goals and tracking your progress with greater efficiency than ever before. With Project Planning pages that help you break down a big job to its essential parts, tear-out to-do lists and a customisable Contents page to help you navigate your plans smoothly, this simple notebook is a deceptively powerful tool to make sure you’re achieving what you want to. And with plenty of room on each of its massive pages, you’ll have room to go into the kind of detail that takes a project from planning to execution in style.

Moleskine was created in 1997, bringing back to life the leg