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Choose the organic feel of Moleskine’s Blend Notebook, and add an enriching warmth to your note-taking with a dignified herringbone pattern that's perfect for writing in cafes on crisp autumn mornings. 

Moleskine’s Blend collection takes the iconic Moleskine hard cover notebook, and wraps it in fabric to create a textured, more natural feel in your hands. This season’s collection features an autumnal colour palette that brings to mind warm scarves and fine coats – a perfect companion for the changing weather.

Inside, you’ll find 240 ruled pages of Moleskine’s classic, creamy paper ready and waiting to take down your innermost thoughts, moments of inspiration or creative outbursts. Beneath the textile outer, Blend notebooks feature a hard cover that makes it easy to work anywhere, from a local cafe or the train home to a window overlooking the city – wherever inspiration takes you, your Moleskine notebook will follow.

Moleskine was created in 1997, bringing back to