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Make your exercise goals a reality with the portable powerhouse that is the Get Shit Done Fitness Notebook from MiGoals.

Lightweight and pocket-friendly, the Get Shit Done Fitness Notebook is designed to be your constant gym companion. Keep track of your workout on the left page, and plan your to-do list on the right to help hit the goals you set for yourself. See the changes that come with hard work and perseverance in black and white to keep yourself going when you need inspiration.

MiGoals started with an idea to design a simple product to help people take their goals from dream to action. Frustrated with the lack of diaries and planners to help people focus on their goals and live life to their full potential, MiGoals was born to help people dream big and take daily action on turning their dreams into reality. More than a stationery brand, MiGoals is a global community of Goal Diggers and action takers helping Get Shit Done.