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Don't worry about making a mistake or a smudge/smear — that's what makes drawing with a pencil so much fun.

Experience the world of the Midori MD Notebook from your fingertips as you write with the assorted MD Pencils. These are a standard hexagonal pencil with a B lead, created in three various colours (cream, blue and orange) and supported at three points by your thumb, index and middle fingers.

This B grade pencil provides a little softness and also a more concentrated depth of tone. This pencil, which is appreciated by so many people, will surely help to provide many opportunities for inspiration. This pack comes in a set of six.

Established in Japan in 1950, Midori is a design stationery brand of international repute — famous and admired for the smoothness of its MD paper, the quality of its brass products and its beautiful leather Traveler's Notebook.