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Let your creativity shine with this Midori MD Pencil Kit.

Featuring 5 pencils, 5 point guards and a sharpener, this pencil kit is perfect for sketching, writing or exploring ideas when you're on the go.

The pencils in this kit are HB, B, 2B, 4B and 6B, with each pencil covered in a cream lacquer and the words "MD Paper Products" and lead grade embossed on the ends. Keep your pencils safe with a point guard, made from brass.

Presented in a simple cream box, this pencil set is a treat for pencil lovers and art enthusiasts.

Established in Japan in 1950, Midori is a design stationery brand of international repute — famous and admired for the smoothness of its MD paper, the quality of its brass products and its beautiful leather Traveler's Notebook.