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Wipe germs off your list of problems with the effective and reusably-packaged 99.9 Problems Hand Sanitiser from Melbourne's own memobottle.

Delivered in memobottle's award-winning A6 drink bottle, the 99.9 Problems Hand Sanitiser is a sustainable and sanitary way to get that dirt off your shoulder (or your hands). Ready to be decanted into smaller spray bottles or used straight from the memobottle, the 70% alcohol solution kills 99.9% of germs and leave a pleasant lemongrass and cucumber scent behind to help you #staysafe and fresh.

Whether you carry the hand sanitiser in its memobottle, or clean it thoroughly for a second life as a water bottle, the A6 bottle's slim design helps it slip neatly into your bag so hydration (or hand sanitiser) is never far away.

memobottle is a creative initiative based out of Melbourne, Australia. memobottle’s aim is to change the public perception of reusable water bottles and encourage a more reusable society by provi