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Masking Tape MT collaborated with Stockholm Design Lab to create this series of unique tapes. Stockholm Design Lab is a multidisciplinary studio that collaborates with international brands and companies to transform their brand or product.
This series celebrates the studio's 20th anniversary and highlights some of their previous design work. Washi paper tape can be used for gift wrapping, book-marking, sealing envelopes, art and craft or attaching bills to the fridge.

Once you start, you'll find it hard to stop. Achieving a cult status around the world among artists, students, bloggers and teachers, the Japanese brand Masking Tape has propelled the humble beige stationery item into a unique and innovative craft and design object. Utilising the characteristics of Japanese rice paper, each Masking Tape roll is textured and can be written on, is easy to remove and does not leave stains, offering an abundance of creative and decorative uses