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Create a calm, welcoming atmosphere in your home with Living Vitality’s Volcano Diffuser. A multi-function ioniser, humidifier, air purifier, nebuliser and night light, this Volcano Diffuser is a stylish and beneficial addition to any room.

Get down to essentials
Choose your favourite doTERRA pure therapeutic grade essential oils and use with the Volcano Diffuser to create a calm space, promote restful sleep and so much more. With an essential oil for just about every need, your Volcano Diffuser is bound to be a much-loved feature of your home.

Safety shut-off
The Volcano Diffuser works quietly as you rest, and turns off when the water runs out so you can continue sleeping soundly. It even features a night-light function if you’d like a little extra illumination to help you nod off smoothly.

Rest easy
The Volcano Diffuser creates a peaceful environment in your home, perfect for soothing w