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Make an unforgettable statement without saying a word with the truly striking marriage of design and finish that is the LAMY studio glacier Special Edition Ballpoint Pen. Crafted by multidisciplinary design icon Hannes Wettstein, the LAMY studio is as much a piece of functional art as a pen.

Deeply elegant in every respect, the studio glacier Special Edition is an exceptionally sophisticated writing instrument that marries LAMY’s timeless design language to an understated futuristic touch, resulting in breathtaking smooth lines and delicious subversions. The subtle, counter-intuitive shape of the clip evokes the curve of a propeller, adding a detail to this exquisite pen that is at once graceful and mechanical. This Special Edition's icy finish is paradoxically warm and as nuanced as the deep colour of the iceberg it's named for, pairing beautifully with the natural curves of the studio to deliver a pen that feels organic, eternal and graceful.

But the heart of LAMY's Bauhaus-inspired design philosophy is built on the principle of form following function, so it's no shock that the studio's ballpoint tip is fluid and elegant, with comforting heft and graceful writing that you'd expect from LAMY's impeccable engineering.

Dynamic yet extremely tasteful, the LAMY studio glacier Special Edition is a masterclass in restraint and class.