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The Kaweco Supra is made of a solid, lead-free Eco brass and has a unique design with a trick up its sleeve — it can be made into different lengths with a removable 3cm middle extender!

With the middle extender fitted, the Supra is a longer, full-size pen, with space for long cartridges or a standard Kaweco ink converter. Once the cap is screwed onto the end, the pen is quite long and weighty. Without the middle extender fitted, it is a shorter pen that easily fits into your pocket. When the cap is posted, the Supra in this shorter length is a good weight to write with. In the shorter length there is room for a mini Kaweco ink converter or a shorter international ink cartridge.

The unfinished, pure Eco brass gives the pen a smooth and sturdy feel, and will develop a unique patina with use. To brighten it up you can give it a quick polish with a soft cloth. The Supra comes fitted with a 250 Kaweco screw-in nib.

It comes with one blue ink cartridge and a