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Vivid and deep, this calligraphy ink from French label Herbin is perfect for your personal and professional calligraphy and hand-lettering projects Ð the black is solid, vibrant and extremely versatile.Ê

Please note: this range of inks are not for fountain pens Ð they're best suited to wide dip nibs or brushes. Rich and striking in colour, Herbin pigmented ink can be used with either dark or light coloured paper, but the gold, silver and copper inks look particularly stunning on dark paper. The white is a handy neutral colour.

Herbin is the oldest name in pen inks in the world, dating back to 1700 when Herbin opened a small boutique in Saint-Germain, Paris. These inks are among the best in the world. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Victor Hugo and Coco Chanel, Herbin inks and sealing waxes have been used by conquerors, novelists, designers and dignitaries for over 300 years. Today, their vibrant colours and long-lasting pigments ensure Herbin continues to be the foremost choic