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Discover the iconic landscapes and hidden gems dotted across the African continent with Angelika Taschen in the 2019 edition of Great Escapes Africa. Perfect for planning your own country-hopping adventure or for simply living vicariously through stunning photographs and first-hand accounts, this guide offers a unique insight into the many and varied splendours of Africa.

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean, the vast Sahara to the Cape Verde archipelago, Africa offers a lifetime of travel adventures. Whether you’re a wide-eyed newcomer or an ever-returning visitor, the continent promises 54 extraordinarily diverse countries, urban creative hubs, pristine night skies and wildlife, as well as a momentous sense of our human past.

In this visual journey through Africa, discover glimpses of postcard-ready landscapes, rich culture, and incredible interiors, all spied through the doorways and windows of the continent’s most stunning hotels. Angelika Tasche