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A sleek and solid brass pencil sharpener that can adjust to three different types of pencil points by turning the dial ring on top. A knurl attached at one end of the sharpener clicks into 3 settings, which can be heard and felt clicking into place when turned:
Position 1 makes a blunter short cone point for colour pencils.
Position 2 makes a normal standard point for graphite pencils.
Position 3 makes a fine longer point for drawing pencils.

This sharpener is designed to last and will develop a different aesthetic as it ages. It comes in a genuine leather case with a snap button for protection and storage.

DUX have been making pencil sharpeners with traditional materials such as aluminium, brass and bakelite, as well as more modern plastics, in Germany since the 1930s. The times may have changed, but pencils still need sharpening, and good old-fashioned engineering is just as satisfying today as it was then.