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Say “irasshaimase!’ to your lunch with the adorable and practical Salmon Nigiri Bento box from Barcelona design house DOIY. Styled after the instantly-recognisable sushi dish, this bento box ready to add an extra touch of fun and colour to your lunchtime.

Perfect for children and adults alike, the Salmon Nigiri Bento Box is a cute riff on the traditional Japanese meal container. Typically filled with rice, noodles, meat and pickled vegetables, you can fill the twin containers with whatever your heart desires to make lunch or a picnic extra special.

Fill the Salmon Nigiri’s containers with lunch and a snack, or with two meals so you can share with a loved one. The hermetic seal prevents leaks from ruining everything else in your bag, and the seaweed-style elastic strap completes the sashimi-inspired look that’s sure to delight everyone around you.

DOIY was created in 2008 by two young entrepreneurs from Barcelona and was designed to inject creativity, surprise, pass