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Choose a lightweight classic beloved by stationery fans to help organise your new year with the 2021 Rollbahn Note Diary B6 by Delfonics. Slim and simple, the unassuming Rollbahn Note Diary is deceptively well-crafted, refined over decades to offer a smooth, efficient planner. The understated Monthly view makes it easy to keep track of important dates, events and anniversaries, while the Yearly Schedule makes long-term planning extra convenient. And if inspiration should strike, the Note Diary features 29 blank pages with a grid layout to help you capture your ideas, or keep on top of your to-do list. All this planning power is wrapped up in a subtle card cover, with a profile of just a few millimetres so you can keep your diary with you no matter where you're headed, and the B6 format is a touch smaller than standard diaries to keep your bag clutter-free.