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WARNING: The use of this handcrafted umbrella from the skilled craftsmen at Concord Shear could well inspire imitations of Gene Kelly dancing in torrential downpours.

Concord Shears' black Labrador, Scout was designed 25 years ago in collaborating with their factory in Italy. The impeccable quality of the Scout umbrella with adoring glass eyes, along with the strength of the materials and construction will ensure you're not only looking dapper but also well protected from nature's forces.

The resin handles are made exclusively in Italy, the post (wood under the handle) is made of beechwood, while the rings and tip cups are nickel plated brass. The umbrella is 61cm in full length (25.4cm when closed), is made of nylon and has a full span of 91.4cm with 8 ribs that are made of fiberglass and the 10mm shaft is made with metal.

Each mini handcrafted umbrella weighs a mere 283g and is perfect for a purse, briefcase or trenchcoat pocket. Each umbrella is assembled and go
Staff pick
Concord Shear Mini Umbrellas are quality umbrellas that are very practical as well as being fun with an air of sophistication.