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Since 1850, Brause has maintained a reputation for producing high-quality, steel calligraphy nibs favoured by artists and illustrators.

This drawing set is perfect for adding a touch of class to your personal or professional correspondence!

Included in the set are 3 writing nibs: the L’Ecoliere– a fine-pointed nib with a hard reaction for writing and monoline lettering; the Steno, a short-hand blue steel nib with a very fine point; and the Rose– a strong yet flexible nib which is highly responsive to pressure, and great for creating painterly hairline and thick strokes. The set also contains a wooden nib holder, a brush, 1 bottle of black Indian ink and a helpful calligraphy booklet.

These elegant nibs are made in the German town of Iserholn, where Brause have crafted their famous steel products for over a century.