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Take your signature scent wherever you go with Bon Parfumeur's convenient 15ml travel spray.
Sweet pastries, powdered iris. The 501 is a burst of sparkling and citruses top notes. The heart notes reveal spicy scents and praline biscuits. Red fruit facets develop. Then, powdery iridescent notes take the lead. The vanilla note and white musk assert their character in the wake of this fragrance.

Head: Hazelnut, Bergamot, Yuzu 
Heart: Iris, Praline, Liquorice 
Background: Cashmere, Wood, Amber, Musk, Patchouli 
Parisian Perfumer, Bon Parfumeur, was established in 2016. It offers a broad range of fragrances elaborated freely by passionate perfumers.  
Each Bon Parfumeur fragrance has a three digit name. The initial number indicates the olfactive family of the perfume, among the ten proposed olfactive families.