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Celebrate the birth of a child with the New Human Alert! card from Ashkahn. Granted, the people who'll be reading the card probably already know there's a freshly-arrived baby in the world, but the sentiment is lovely and fun anyway.

Ashkahn's range of playful greeting cards feature very fun & bright 21st-century designs. Accompanied by a fluorescent pink envelope, the cards are printed on thick cotton paper with a premium feel that helps elevate your gift.

Ashkahn (pronounced 'ash-con') is the studio & company of artist, designer, illustrator, art director, director, stationery prince and all around bon vivant, Ashkahn Shahparnia. Based in downtown Los Angeles, Ashkahn infuses his range of cards, gift tags and mini letterpressed cards with his quirky sense of design, and the result is a card like no other! The Ashkahn range is designed & letterpressed by hand in California.