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SKU: PN-PPQ-200-03
The perfect pen for a first-time fountain pen owner, the Preppy fountain pen from Japanese label Platinum is inexpensive, high-quality and simple to use. 

With a fine 0.3mm nib, the Preppy pen is an excellent general writing pen. Featuring a cleverly designed body with a silver stainless steel nib, the colour of the plastic cap responds with the colour of the ink inside, so you'll easily be able to locate the desired pen in your pencil case or handbag. Platinum's 'Slip & Seal' cap makes the inside of the pen air right, which prevents the ink from drying out of clogging, even if the pen goes unused for a year. 

The Preppy comes with one ink cartridge, and accepts Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter filled with bottled ink. A converter is not included. 

Based in Tokyo, Platinum has been manufacturing writing instruments since 1919, and was the first company in the world to create the cartridge-style ink refill. Platinum designs their products using the finest raw materials, leading technology and the best engineering knowledge.
QUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen with refill
LENGTH: 137mm capped, 121mm uncapped, 153mm cap posted
NIB: Fine 0.3mm 
REFILL: Platinum pack of 2 ink cartridges. 
MATERIALS: Polycarbonate, stainless steel
SOURCE: Made in Japan.

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left-handed friendly - a great teaching tool! Review by julesbev
i've always wanted to learn calligraphy but am a true left hander, one that turns everything upside down and back to front to make it work for me. not wanting to spend a bundle on a fountain pen to practice some lettering the preppy was a great option for me. the pen writes so smoothly, and will ink even if the stroke isn't in the exact right angle or the pressure isn't right. the ink will smudge, particularly for lefties, but not so much to make me want to throw it across the room... just enough to make me want to get better at writing with it... and then getting a whole set! (Posted on 15/02/2017)
Barrel colour misleading Review by Yvonne
Specifically in relation to the green pen: the colour of the capillary "barrel" near the nib, and even the other green portions of the pen, is misleading. The ink is nothing like the deep shade of green implied. It's very much a light apple green. This is a newish product: perhaps sometime soon Notemaker will add a photo with colour samples of the ink as it appears on paper… (Posted on 16/01/2016)

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