Multifunction Pens

Multifunction Pens
Fit more into your pencil case with the all-in-one convenience of a multifunction pen. Mix up your colours, and even add a pencil to the mix, in one compact tool.
Pen / Pencil TypeClear
  1. Multifunction Pen (8)
Ink/Lead ColourClear
  1. Assorted Colours (6)
Mechanical/Clutch Pencil SizeClear
  1. 0.5mm Lead (Fine) (3)
  2. 0.7mm Lead (Medium) (2)
Ballpoint Pen TipClear
  1. Medium (7)
Product TypeClear
  1. Pens & Pencils (8)
Lead ShadeClear
  1. HB (Medium) (1)
  1. Black (3)
  2. Silver (5)
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