Papier Tigre - Label Tag Set - L'Abecedaire

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Perfect for creative people, paper-crafters etc, this L'Abecedaire Label Set has 108 letter tags to get labelling with.

A veritable encyclopedia of cool typography, each tag is a circle of 8.5cm size with two holes. Made from rigid card, you can make garlands, cards, embellishments etc. A 2m string is included.

Letters are included in order of common usage - A(6) B(2) C(2) D(3) E(9) F(2) G(2) H(2) I(5) J(2) K(2) L(2) M(2) N(4) O(4) P(2) Q(2) R(3) S(5) T(6) U(3) V(2) W(2) X(2) Y(2) Z(2) 0(2) 1(2) 2(2) 3(2) 4(2) 5(2) 6(2) 7(2) 8(2) 9(2) +(1) -(1) (1) x(1) =(1) !(1) ?(1)

Papier Tigre is Made in France, offering a collection of seriously beautiful stationery avant-garde! Cool, useful, novel and witty, each item is made to make your routine a little more beautiful.

CONTAINS: 108 circular tags STOCK: 100% Recycled Card STYLE: Card Label Tags with 2 Holes SIZE: Each is 8.5cm SUITS: Any creative paper endeavours! SOURCE: Hand Made in Paris, France

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Papier Tigre - Label Tag Set - L'Abecedaire