Palomino Blackwing

Palomino Blackwing - Graphite Pencils Volumes 4 - Limited Edition - Set of 12 - Mars

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Our favourite pencil, the Palomino Blackwing, in a fabulous special edition!

The Blackwing 4 is a tribute to Mars and the upcoming rover mission. It features a rust coloured lacquer and a sand textured finish inspired by the surface of the fourth planet. It also features the first ever dune bronze ferrule, a cream imprint and eraser, and our soft graphite. 

In 2020, NASA will send a rover to Mars to search for evidence of ancient Martian life while testing technologies for future human expeditions. While the engineering designs for the rover and its various instruments are finalised in CAD (computer aided design), its revolutionary robotic arm and zoom-enable cameras - the first of their kind to be sent to another planet - were first conceptualised in drawings by the team at Motiv Space Systems using Blackwing pencils. 

Earlier this year, Motiv delivered their assemblies based on these drawings to begin integration onto the rover. In 2020, they will join the Wright brothers' wrapping paper sketches and Katherine Johnson's calculations as examples of the pencil's ability to help us reach the sky, space, and beyond. 

Made in Japan with FSC-certified cedar wood, it is amazingly smooth and beautiful. Palomino IS the world’s best pencil. The Blackwing is recommended for drawing, sketching and shading. If you want a writing pencil, check out the Palomino Blackwing 602.
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QUANTITY: 1 pack x 12 pencils
LENGTH: 20.5cm long. 0.75cm barrel diameter 
SUITS: Sketching, drawing, shading 
FEATURES: Replaceable Eraser. 
MATERIALS: Genuine FSC-certified Incense-cedar barrel. Graphite formulation lead. 
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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