LAMY Safari

What better way to kick-off the Milligram Awards than with an evergreen Milligram favourite? Competing against heavyweight champions, the LAMY safari comes out on top year after year. Originally crafted with the hard-wearing nature of student life in mind, the LAMY safari is now for everyone, remaining essentially unchanged for 40 years for good reason.


Traveler’s Company Notebook Set

This category is where we expected passions to fly, and with the lead changing several times right until closing, it was a nail-biting finish. Winning by just a a fragment of votes is the Traveler’s Company Notebook Set! Proving the spirit of adventure and old-fashioned charm still lives out in today’s modern world.


Blackwing One-Step Long Point Pencil Sharpener

Made from machined aluminium, the One-Step Long Point Pencil Sharpener just FEELS great, with its hexagonal body echoing the classic pencil design and its knurled end giving you a solid grip when sharpening. Inside, the German steel blade delivers long, precise points on your favourite pencils – the kind you want for fine, detailed work.


Dot Grid

The bullet journalers must’ve come out in force during voting, because Dot Grid absolutely dominated this round! We don’t blame them - the Dot Grid is great. The delicate balance of structure and freedom allows for complete adaptability where you can make your notebook absolutely yours. After all, wasn’t it the Bauhaus movement that said, ‘It all starts with a dot’?


MD Paper by Midori

When Moleskine took the Best Paper title in last year's vote, the Milligram office was SHOOK. Claiming victory in the dying minutes, the iconic notebook brand beat out the cult fave Midori for the crown, but in 2023, wrongs have been righted and injustices corrected, because the creamy grace of Midori's MD Paper has taken back the Best Paper honours.


Sakura Pigma Micron Fine Liner

Featuring some of Milligram's all-time favourites, this category is bound to inspire you to new creative heights. Sakura's Pigma Micron Fineliner Pen was last year's runner-up, but managed to take the crown by the slimmest of margins for 2023. Last year's title-holder and this year's silver medalist, Washi Tape is the sort of thing you can never have too much of, with its possibilities limited only by your own imagination.


Study of Trees

While most of these categories will boil down to personal preference, it's going to be especially hard to pick the best of Studio Milligram's captivating scents. We were delighted to see such a spread of votes across the Studio Milligram sensory range – but two leafy treasures stood out from the pack. Coming in second by just a few votes, Native Botanical is the newest addition to the Studio Milligram range, but the new kid on the block couldn’t topple an enduring favourite with the old-growth forest scent of Study of Trees coming on top.


Kinto Brass Pourover Coffee Set

We love our stationery, but we also know there are more ways to help brighten your life. Winning this round was Kinto’s Brass Pourover Coffee Set, showing that we all love our caffeine. Allowing for peaceful rituals that help you slow down and focus on the present moment. Kinto's Brass Pourover Coffee Set is a wonderful way to enjoy those small moments, and it also makes a beautiful coffee.

Best On the Go

Orbitkey Key Organiser

Scooping a new category for 2023 by a huge margin, Orbitkey's iconic Key Organiser is clearly helping to silence the jangle of hundreds of keyrings across the land. A shockingly simple reinvention of an everyday staple, the Key Organiser is an evergreen favourite at Milligram, and clearly you all feel the same way.


Bellroy Tech Carry Kit

In signature Bellroy style, the Tech Carry Kit sports a compact form with an optimised pocket layout inside giving you room to store all the small things that would usually get lost or tangled in your bag. The Tech Carry Kit also makes it easy to sweep up your gear at the end of the day without having to think about every cord and cable before you dash for the train.


Kinto Travel Tumbler

The versatile design of the Travel Tumbler makes it a terrific companion, whether you're staying hydrated each day or heading off on a wander up a mountain. Its insulated design helps keep your drinks at the ideal temperature for longer, making it easy to enjoy tea, coffee, or cool, clear water when you need it most.



Pitting stationery icons and organisational experts against scent magicians and homewares heroes, this was always going to be a tough choice for our loyal fans. In a close-fought race, LAMY stormed ahead in the final stages to claim the title of Best Brand for a second year running, beating out local faves Bellroy and Japanese design stars Kinto in the process. With the high quality standards that most other brands can only dream of, LAMY's range of writing instruments offer a reliable, hard-wearing and beautifully designed writing experience that continues to introduce new fans to the timeless joy of pen on paper.