Shopping with Milligram guarantees you the highest quality writing experience LAMY can provide, with an unbeatable warranty and premium service

Made in Heidelberg

Almost every part of each LAMY product is made in the German brand's Heidelberg factory. All the plastic components used in LAMY pens are made on-site, as well as the ballpoint pen refills, and every LAMY nib too. Though the factory has some truly astounding technology to automate the pen-making process, most of the time that goes into making a pen is spent on careful hand-crafting. It's that expertise and care that helps maintain the incredibly high quality standards that the brand sets for itself, and because Milligram is an official LAMY retailer, you can buy with confidence knowing that your next pen was crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

4 year warranty

Before any writing instrument leaves the LAMY factory, it undergoes a strict quality control process. First, each instrument is machine-tested to ensure it meets LAMY's standards for durability and strength. Once it has passed those checks, well-trained employees check to make sure that the finish is consistent, and that the instrument writes with the grace expected of a LAMY pen. It's because of those demanding processes that we, as an official LAMY retailer, can confidently offer you a 4 year warranty on all LAMY writing instruments purchased from official LAMY retailers.

Shipping and service from Melbourne, Australia

Milligram is a locally-owned and -operated business, and we've been partnered with LAMY since 2015. All LAMY orders ship from our warehouse in Melbourne's west, and you can trust that all our stock comes direct from LAMY's Heidelberg factory. Our customer service team knows and loves LAMY products, so we're able to give the best support in a timely manner to customers who shop with official LAMY retailers.

Only the best quality

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but we take grey market importing very seriously. Unauthorised sellers may attempt to pass off expired or non-genuine products as the real deal, and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth. For that reason, we can only extend our four year warranty coverage to LAMY products bought from official retailers, so don't get caught out.