Reusable. Reliable. Remarkable.

Elegant eco-friendly bags you'll want to take with you whenever you go out

A bag in your bag

Collapsing into a CD-sized pouch, the Standard Baggu makes it easy to keep a reusable bag on hand so you're always prepared. And the durable ripstop nylon material ensures your Baggu will be with you through plenty of shopping trips. The Standard Baggu has been a best-seller for over a decade, and for good reason!

Stylish canvas bags, built to last

BAGGU's carefully-constructed bags give sustainability a makeover, offering a fashionable take on classic totes and backpacks in durable, richly textured recycled cotton canvas.

Ethically made

From the high standards for their production to the recycled materials that go into every Baggu bag, every aspect has been carefully considered to provide the best possible outcome for the manufacturing teams, the people who take a Baggu home and for the planet.