Olfa - Extra Thin Standard Cutter - Stainless Steel

SKU: OLF-SVR-1-1767
This standard multi-purpose cutter from Olfa is an excellent, all-round cutting tool for designers, artists, hobbyists, or for odd jobs in the home. With it's slimline shape, it fits nicely into a pencil case or tool belt, and is easy to transport.  This tool comes with a handy pocket clip and blade snapper. 

Founded in 1956 in Osaka, Japan, Olfa has a sterling reputation for producing high-quality blades that will last years. Whether it's for picture-framing, sewing or craft projects, Olfa products are a reliable choice when you require a precise cut. 

Stainless Steel lade and handle. With pocket clip/blade snapper
UANTITY: 1 slimline multi-purpose cutter
MATERIALS: High-quality stainless steel

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